Acquisition & Contract Management

Requirements create challenges. Successful acquisition processes must have solid requirements - a key aspect of the systems engineering approach.

Service Offerings

Each agency is different, and we consistently tailor our solutions to your unique environment. Our seasoned experts apply the appropriate strategies and domain expertise that lead to success.

Acquisition Services

We can provide acquisition management services for federal, state, local and commercial clients, which include cradle to grave acquisition support by experienced contract professionals who understand the FAR, DFAR, CFR, and DCAA audit process. We specialize in areas where the government traditionally struggles - requirements and definitions; competition and pricing; and contractor oversight. Below is a list of services we offer to help.

  • Acquisition Systems Support
  • Acquisition Training
  • Regulatory and Legal Compliance Services
  • Contract Administration Support
  • Contract Close-out Support
  • Contract Reporting & Data Analysis Support
  • CPARS Support
  • Contract Documentation Support
  • Cost / Pricing and Cost / Benefit Analysis Support
  • Data Validation and Tracking Support
  • FOIA Request Support
  • Invoice Processing Support
  • Market Research Support
  • Post-award Conference Support
  • Pre-solicitation Support
  • Preparation and Assembly of Contract Files Support
  • Preparation and Submission of Correspondence Support
  • Preparation and Submission of Updates to Contract Status Reports Support
  • Protest Support
  • Record and File Management Support
  • Studies and Analyses Related to Contract Management
  • Technical, Business, and Cost Proposal Evaluation Support
  • Training for CORs and Contracting Staff
Acquisition Process Improvement

We will review your current systems engineering practices and products to identify areas needing improvement. The goal of is to focus on problem areas, define a solution, and implement that solution to produce successful results.

Acquisition Staffing

We can supplement your staff and help you excel in acquisition document production and review, as well as the use of templates, SOP’s and training to streamline processes.

Related staff Certifications

We're an Engineering Services Company with innovative management and technical processes that have allowed us to become a recognized leadder - more nimble and efficient than larger companies.

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