Advanced Analytics

Are your projects meeting objectives? Delivered late? Over budget?

Our Analytical Approach

Reed analysts focus on practical implementation of advanced cost, schedule, and risk methodologies to support complex Government and commercial projects, helping them meet technical, cost, and schedule goals.

Cost Analysis Services

How do you know if you are making the right decision? Our analysts understand how to interpret and translate complex data, helping you make decisions that provide the greatest value for the lowest cost.

Risk Management Services

Is your project or program on track? Are the key risks and issues being effectively managed and addressed? Our practitioners know that successful projects are the result of clear vision, careful planning, and meticulous execution. We can provide the risk services you need from by experienced staff who are not part of the delivery team.

Schedule Analysis Services

Reed analysts bring hands-on experience analyzing & developing Integrated Master Schedules for DoD, DHS, and Aerospace programs. We understand the integration of cost, schedule, risk, and uncertainty and the complex trade-offs required in making informed program-level decision making.

Related staff Certifications

We're an Engineering Services Company with innovative management and technical processes that have allowed us to become a recognized leadder - more nimble and efficient than larger companies.

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