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Frequently used resources and other company related information.
Reed Integration Employee Portal

Reed employees demonstrate a dedication, drive and passion that are unmatched in the engineering and management consulting and training industry. They set the bar high in terms of performance, customer satisfaction, reliability and quality. Today’s workplace, however, is changing. More employees are finding a need to access certain frequently-used resources away from the office.

This Reed Employee Portal is your gateway to frequently-used internal resources, such as Hour Timesheet, Payday Payroll, benefit provider information, web e-mail access, Reed’s 401K, and other company-related information.

Outlook (WEBMAIL)

Access your Reed email from a web browser.

Hour Timesheet System (HTS)

Reed’s online time reporting system.

Payday Payroll

Reed’s payroll system.

Password Reset

If you need your Outlook or Intranet password reset, contact Reed’s IT administrator.


Complete your required annual training


Empower Retirement.

Employee Benefits

Employee Navigator for employee benefits

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