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Free Project Management Downloads

Leading project management / systems engineering consulting and training company Reed Integration now offers free project templates to improve your projects.  These powerful tools, many of which are used in our project management training courses, provide easy-to-use methods that are invaluable for everyone from beginners to advanced project managers.  While there is no one-size-fits-all project management template, all of these are designed to enable better project planning, coordination, and management.

They are arranged by PMI’s project phases for easy identification and use when you need them.  Keep in mind that should you need help, Reed is always available to provide consulting and mentoring services to tailor these templates for your organization and enable your staff to quickly come up to speed and deliver a successful project.


Reed's Project Charter Template:

A project charter authorizes a project and describes the reasons for undertaking the project, the objectives and constraints, directions concerning the solution, and the identities of the primary stakeholders. Download RII’s Project Charter Template

Reed's Kickoff Meeting Agenda:

The Reed Kickoff Meeting Agenda states what activities will take place during the project kickoff meeting, serves various important functions:

  • It forces the project manager to consider what needs to be accomplished
  • Provided ahead of time (as it should be), the agenda lets people know what to expect and allows them to prepare as necessary
  • It provides a blueprint or path for the meeting to follow
  • It reminds people of what there is left to cover if time gets to be an issue

Download RII’s Project Charter Template


2. Fundamentals Of Project Management

Reed’s Project RACI Chart:
Responsibility Assignment Matrix, also known as a RACI Matrix, useful for clarifying roles and responsibilities in cross-functional/departmental projects. The acronym stands for RESPONSIBLE (those who do the work), ACCOUNTABLE (those who are ultimately accountable for the correct and thorough completion of the work), CONSULTED (those whose opinions are sought), and INFORMED (those who are kept up-to-date on progress.
Download RII’s Project RACI Chart

Reed’s Project Communication Plan Template:
Template used for documenting the overall communications approach on project; provides guidance for all communication activities. Download RII’s Project Communication Plan Template

Reed’s Stakeholder Register:
Template used to identify both positive (benefits from the project) and negative (adversely affected by the project) stakeholders, and how they should be prioritized. Download RII’s Stakeholder Register

Reed’s Transition Plan:
A transition plan contains the activities that need to be carried out to ensure smooth transitioning (handing over) of applications, portfolio and/or service to the user upon completion of the project. Download RII’s Transition Plan

Reed’s Project Quality Management Plan:
Template used to define the quality objectives for a project. Download RII’s Project Quality Management Plan

Reed’s Stakeholder Management Plan Template:
Used to document the approach for managing key stakeholders. Download RII’s Stakeholder Management Plan Template

Reed’s Work Package:
A work package contains the activities that form a deliverable at the lowest level of the work breakdown structure (WBS). A work package can be thought of as a mini project, that when combined with other work package units, form the completed project. RII Work Package

Reed’s Blank Risk Information Sheet Form:
Blank Word file used to document and manage a single risk item on a project or program. Download RII’s Blank Risk Information Sheet Form

RII’s Staffing Management Plan:
Template used to document the human resource requirements for a project. Download RII’s Staffing Management Plan


Reed's Lessons Learned Template:

Template used to capture of what went well as well as what went wrong for the purposes of improving performance on future projects. Download RII’s Lessons Learned Template

PMP® Exam

Reed's PMP® Exam Contact Hours:

Reed’s PMP® Exam Contact Hours Spreadsheet for PMP Application. Download Reed’s PMP Exam Contact Hours

PMP and PMBOK are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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