NASA Cost Modeling BPA

NASA Cost Modeling & Support Services

NASA established an Integrated Business Program Support Services agreement with Reed Integration to hone previous community practices enhancements to improve its cost estimates and schedule analysis established over the last 13 years. NASA wanted to leverage Reed’s extensive knowledge of NASA and its cost/schedule analysis and estimating environment to provide a more responsive contractual vehicle to further key cost and schedule communities' functions such as:

Cost Modeling and Support Services (CMSS) BPA Tasks

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NASA Key Personnel
CMSS Program Manager

Alex Campbell
757- 809-6176  

NASA Contracts Manager

Becky Reed, President & CEO

RLI Operations Manager

John Greene


Contract:  80HQTR18A0005

Prime Contractor:  Reed Integration, Inc.


CAGE Code:  3CX78

Period of Performance

Base:  2/28/2018 - 2/27/2023

Team With Reed

Are you looking for that highly skilled, responsive, small business to partner with? As a woman-owned small business operating in the Federal Sector, Reed Integration, Inc. understands the many benefits of strategic partnerships.

A teaming arrangement increases the competitive edge by allowing companies to pool capabilities with those of others and focus the contracting officer’s attention on combined core capabilities.  Reed Integration, Inc. is interested in teaming with small, mid-size and large companies that possess complementary strengths.

We're an Engineering Services Company with innovative management and technical processes that have allowed us to become a recognized leader - more nimble and efficient than larger companies.

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