Becky Reed/CEO Selected as one of CoVaBIZ Magazine’s “Innovators and Disruptors: Women on the Leading Edge”

Innovators & Disruptors: Women on the Leading Edge

On January 22, in the Modern and Contemporary Galleries at The Chrysler Museum of Art, we celebrated the achievements of 25 Coastal Virginia women who are innovators, disruptors and leaders in their respective fields. The CoVaBIZ staff chose to take their portraits alongside the works of artists whose pioneering paintings, sculptures and installations set the tone for a new era, and those portraits accompany their profiles within the pages of this feature.

With a focus on innovation rather than convention, these women embody the dynamic shifts happening across diverse sectors: engineering, construction, healthcare, entrepreneurship, agriculture, medicine, architecture, design, advocacy, marketing, media, STEM, military, education, contracting, community service, and workforce development. Often without fanfare, they’re proving that innovation thrives where there’s diversity.

What sets these women apart is not just their accomplishments, but their commitment to mentoring, inspiring and empowering others. By their example, they’re actively paving the way for those who come after them.

CoVaBIZ is proud to shine a spotlight on these 25 trailblazing women whose impact extends far beyond their individual achievements. You can read their full biographies at


Link to the Full Magazine: CoVaBiz Magazine March/April 2024 (

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