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The Spinoff!

Formerly the R&D and Technology Development Strategic Business Unit at Reed Integration, EpicSolve LLC was created to focus on guiding tech startups and entrepreneurs through the product development, business operations, and government funding/contracting processes. Together, EpicSolve and Reed offer unique opportunities for researchers and new technology companies to strategically map out product development timelines and to match innovative concepts with potential government funding.

Reed Integration, Inc.
EpicSolve, LLC
Innovation Mixology
  • Creating the perfect “cocktail” by blending established processes and years of government contracting experience with advanced technology / research and development (tech R&D) management services.
  • Enabling tech startups to advance science and engineering innovation through product realization and implementation
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We're an Engineering Services Company with innovative management and technical processes that have allowed us to become a recognized leader - more nimble and efficient than larger companies.

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