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Reed Learning Institute

The Reed Learning Institute (RLI), a Strategic Business Unit within Reed Integration, Inc. provides off the shelf and custom training in certi cation preparation, project / program management, systems engineering, acquisition, risk management, and leadership to numerous clients in Government, commercial, and academic markets. Reed’s custom and publicly offered courses have consistently received outstanding feedback from the attendees. Reed has a solid reputation for delivering excellence and has had repeat business from every client since the company’s inception.

Reed maintains the highest levels of quality and excellence in learning experience delivery. Reed instructors hold relevant certi cations in their respective elds (PMI® PMP®, PMI® RMP®, INCOSE ESEP, INCOSE CSEP, etc.), have extensive real world experience, and are skilled in using a variety of learning techniques in coaching students with diverse academic and cultural backgrounds, interests, needs, and abilities. Repeat business from every customer is indicative of Reed’s credibility, capability, and commitment to client success.


The Reed Learning Institute can prepare you to sit for the CAPM, PgMP, ASEP, and CSEP exams!

  • The PMP® Power Prep is a 35-hour, intensive training program based on PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)
  • The CSEP Power Prep Course: guides participants through the INCOSE certi cation requirements and application process and provides a detailed review of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook.
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Learn More

Reed’s Instructors are experts in the elds in which they teach. You benefit from their extensive, real-world knowledge and specialized expertise.

Tailored Training Solutions

Let us transform one or more of our off-the-shelf courses into the right program to match your organization’s specific objectives. Reed courses are modular, and each component can be used independently to expedite the creation of customized content for you. Reed follows the ADDIE process for course development and course customization.

While their needs for customization can vary, the majority of our clients want to include client-specific processes, terminology, tools and templates, and case studies to make their courses more applicable to the participants’ actual work environment. In fact, more than 50% of Reed courses are customized to some degree for our clients. Our Instructional Design team will work closely with you to blend your custom content and create courses that provide practical examples that can be immediately applied by course participants.

Customization options can include the following:

  • Your Organization’s Processes
  • Your Tools and Templates
  • Industry or Project – Specific Terminology

Additional Available Features:

Subject Matter Experts & Leadership: Video of two leaders or other VIPs from your organization and incorporation of their interviews at key points throughout the course to enhance buy-in.

Why Customize?

Customization personalizes sensitive topics and communicates to your employees that you value the time and effort they’re investing in the training. Additionally, customization lets employees know that the training content aligns completely with your organization’s policies and procedures, and that your organization fully supports the principles being taught.

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