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Leadership and Personal Development

NEEDED: Introduction to Leadership and Personal Development

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1. Introduction To Effective Communication

[sta_anchor id=”1″]The 1-day Introduction to Effective Communication course is designed to improve a participant’s skills in both verbal and electronic communications. Participants will be guided through the communication process and learn techniques for improving their interpersonal communication. An overview of verbal, nonverbal, and electronically mediated communication is provided. Participants will be guided through exercises to become more aware of their tone, body language, and communication style.

(7 CLPs/PDUs)


2. Introduction To Team Building And Team Communication

[sta_anchor id=”2″]The 1-day Introduction to Team Building and Team Communication a course provides an increased understanding and improvement in a participant’s communication abilities in a leadership role. The ability to communicate and work in a team is one of the most important attributes to possess in the workforce. This course will help participants to improve communication in a team environment, address con ict in a healthy and productive manner, and adjust to different communication styles among team members.

(7 CLPs/PDUs)


3. Critical Thinking And Problem Solving

[sta_anchor id=”3″]The 2-day Critical Thinking and Problem Solving course helps participants evaluate and improve their ability to analyze a problem and produce creative solutions. Participants will be guided through a process for critical thinking, problem solving, and lateral thinking. Participants will complete a self-assessment to gain insight into their current critical thinking behaviors, and learn techniques for evaluating decisions, performing force  eld analysis, and prototyping solutions.

(14 CLPs/PDUs)


4. Having Difficult Conversations

[sta_anchor id=”4″]The 2-day Having Difficult Conversations course guides participants through how to properly manage a challenging conversation. This course provides an overview of the phases of starting a discussion, getting your point across by communicating clearly, actively listening to the responses, and coming up with a win-win situation. Participants will be introduced to con ict management methods, tools, and techniques for keeping the conversation positive, and will learn how to effectively manage their own nonverbal communication.

(14 CLPs/PDUs)


5. Introduction To Emotional Intelligence

[sta_anchor id=”5″]The 1-day Introduction to Emotional Intelligence course provides participants with an overview of emotional intelligence, its value in one’s life, and the ways in which one may improve their EQ. Participants will be guided through the disciplines of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. Upon completion of this course, participants will have insight into their current EQ and what they can do to improve their score.

(7 CLPs/PDUs)


6. Building High Performance Teams

[sta_anchor id=”6″]The 3-day Building High Performance Teams course explores the characteristics of a High Performance Team and provides participants with techniques for developing exceptional teams. This course de nes a complete overview of teambuilding by showing how to assess a team, how to build trust within a team, how to identify, control, and resolve the common dysfunctions within a team. Building a successful team is crucially important to project success, and participants will gain a greater ability to develop high performance teams and strengthen their own contributions within the team.

(21 CLPs/PDUs)

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7. Leadership Through Storytelling

[sta_anchor id=”7″]The 2-day Leadership Through Storytelling course explores how charismatic leaders convey messages through stories. Storytelling is deeply rooted in the human experience, and research has shown that storytelling is an effective approach for making a point or creating a solution that people will remember. This course provides an overview of what storytelling is, the various types of story telling methods, why storytelling is important within an organizational or corporation, and how great leaders use storytelling to instruct, inspire, and in uence their teams and ultimately their organization producing more desired outcomes.

(14 CLPs/PDUs)


8. Negotiation And Persuasion

[sta_anchor id=”8″]The 2-day Negotiation and Persuasion course introduces students to multiple perspectives on successful negotiation, and focuses on  nding win-win solutions. Participants will be guided through the steps necessary to successfully plan a negotiation strategy, manage con ict during the negotiation process, and to clearly communicate both verbally and nonverbally. During the course, students will be given the opportunity to apply the tools and techniques discussed through case studies and group exercises. This highly interactive course addresses the key elements of negotiating with and ultimately persuading others.

(14 CLPs/PDUs)


9. Self Understanding Leadership

[sta_anchor id=”9″] The 3-day Self Understanding Leadership course is a hands-on workshop in which participants will gain a deeper understanding of their personal strengths, weaknesses, and leadership behaviors through the use of multiple assessments, including StrengthsFinder 2.0, Stephen Covey’s Personal Effectiveness Quotient (PEQ), and the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal. Throughout the course, participants will have the opportunity to explore their leadership behaviors and learn how to improve them to become better leaders.

(21 CLPs/PDUs)


10. Leadership Practices And Challenges

[sta_anchor id=”10″]The 2-day Leadership Practices and Challenges course guides participants through Kouzes and Posner’s The Leadership Challenge and concentrates on the leadership abilities to enable others to accomplish extraordinary things. Participants will be guided through the practices of exemplary leadership and will learn techniques for implementing those practices into their own leadership behavior. This course provides a participants with an introduction to leadership as a discipline and how to become the best leader they can be.

(14 CLPs/PDUs)

Leadership and Personal Development

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The 1-day Introduction to Effective Communication course is designed to improve a participant’s skills in both verbal and electronic communications.

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