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Our students get copies of the Reed CSEP and Reed Project Management Exam Success sheets FREE with our training programs. You can also take a closer look and then buy copies directly from Amazon by clicking the links below.

I received the CSEP Success Sheet as part of the CSEP Power Prep class I took from Reed Integration. I love this Success Sheet! I use it all the time to explain to Management the parts of the System Life Cycle Overview. It's a great Systems Engineering talking point tool! It also helps me remember all the process groups and processes within those groups that are associated with Systems Engineering. I make sure I have this sheet with me all the time."

Wanda Teal
This review is from: RII CSEP Exam Success Sheet (based on v3.1 INCOSE Handbook) (Office Product)

I found this product to be a great aid along the way of getting ready to the CSEP Cert. One could use it either as a stand-alone review tool or along with the Systems Engineering Handbook (V3.1) while preparing for the CSEP Cert. Seasoned Systems Engineers might find it useful to understand INCOSE's Systems Engineering view (if applicable). Great product, great seller (from their home page I could tell this product has been devised by active members of INCOSE). Will do business with this seller again, and hope to get into one of their training courses. To summ up: it's easy-to-use, to-the-point, self contained, and plastic coated. Hope this helps. I wish you success on your CSEP effort."

Rafael C. Azevedo "PMP® Project Manager, MSc. (SJCampos, São Paulo, Brazil)
This review is from: RII CSEP Exam Success Sheet (based on v3.1 INCOSE Handbook) (Office Product)

I purchased this product as a study aid for my CSEP Exam. The sheet was sealed in very durable plastic. You could probably leave it in the rain without any impact. It was very helpful to me because of the way I study. I write down the answers to questions and then check my answers. (Things like, name the six lifecycle stages, 25 project processes, and 22 System Engineering tasks.) Almost everything on the sheet was information that an individual should know for the exam. This "cheat sheet" does not replace reading the SE Handbook. It simply serves as a quick lookup for some of the memorization required. Please note that this is the sheet is based on the INCOSE SE Handbook v3.1 and the CSEP exam is transitioning to v3.2. I passed the exam."

A. F. Merriam (Fremont, CA USA)
This review is from: RII CSEP Exam Success Sheet (based on v3.1 INCOSE Handbook) (Office Product)

Free Downloads

Using the right project tools for your project can go a long way toward ensuring your project’s success. The best project managers also know where to find the right resources, accessing helpful project management resources when they need them. Explore our Free Project Management Downloads and Free Systems Engineering Downloads for a wealth of materials you can download at no cost and use to manage your project successfully.

Reed's Success Sheets

Reed's Success Sheets

In these tough economic times, it is more important than ever to have an edge on the competition. You can earn that edge by becoming a Project Management Professional (PMP)®. ranked IT Project Manager as the #5 Best Job in America. says IT Project Manager position offers “Good upward mobility: IT project managers can rise to chief technology officer of a company, where the salaries can hit $300,000.” Reed’s PMP® Exam Success Sheet can help you earn your PMP® certification.

Do you prefer to work for yourself? The field offers plenty of consulting work.

If you are more technically inclined, consider becoming a Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP). According to, “Demand is soaring for systems engineers, as what was once a niche job in the aerospace and defense industries becomes commonplace among a diverse and expanding universe of employers, from medical device makers to corporations like Xerox and BMW. Pay can easily hit six figures for top performers, and there’s ample opportunity for advancement.” As a result, Systems Engineer is considered the #1 Best Job in America. Reed’s CSEP Exam Success Sheet can help you earn your CSEP certification.

To view Reed’s Success Sheets or buy them from Amazon, click here.

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