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Training Project Managers
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Newport News Shipbuilding (Nns)

Harnessing the Power of Investments in Human Capital at Newport News Shipbuilding

Huntington Ingalls – Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS) required the ability to maximize the potential of their greatest corporate asset: the potential residing within their employees. Challenges inherent to maximizing the return on investment in human capital are as old as industry itself, and NNS was looking for an alternative approach. NNS turned to Reed Integration eight years ago to provide professional Systems Engineering training and support to high potential employees seeking to increase their own abilities and to unlock higher level career paths. This training quickly grew into a formal professional certificate path through Reed’s academic partner, Old Dominion University, enabling students to earn 6 semester hours of graduate credit towards a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management or Systems Engineering. The success of these initial courses led Reed to work closely with NNS Leadership to develop additional certificate paths in Project Management and Program Management to provide an array of coursework that best fit the varied needs of a diverse workforce with differing experience and academic backgrounds.

The NNS Human Capital mission incorporates several factors, most of which are hard to quantify. The success of efforts to empower employees and ultimately improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization are dependent on many variables, most of which are beyond the direct control of training and leadership development organizations within an organization, much less with an outside service provider. Efforts to secure support from senior leaders of the organization, the conduct of a comprehensive learning needs assessment, and developing an in-depth knowledge of the organization’s strategy, vision, mission, structure and distinct needs across multiple business units were critical to the success of the training effort.

Reed worked closely with senior leadership and utilized key members from within the organization to meet key operational challenges. Courses were customized to incorporate key NNS policies and procedures, to include specific tools and templates, to demonstrate immediate applicability and provide skills that can be used the next day on the job. Subject Matter Experts in Program/Project Management and Systems Engineering were utilized to review and customize course content, many of which held leadership roles within NNS. Courses were, and continue to be delivered on-site at times designed to accommodate the busy schedules of the students.

Reed and NNS leadership understand that increasing the value of employees and recognizing the contributions that they make will increase the performance capacity of the organization, as well as its competitive edge. Reed’s support for the NNS Human Capital mission points to the application of valid, reliable training development and delivery practices in order to effect legitimate investment in human capital.

Reed is responsible for development and delivery of the following Professional Certificate Programs (each 144 hours in length distributed across 6 courses, each comprising theoretical and practical application):

  • Professional Certificate in Project Management (ongoing since 2008)
  • Professional Certificate in Systems Engineering (ongoing since 2005)
  • Professional Certificate in Program Management (ongoing since 2009)
  • Multiple courses and seminars across the organization in Risk Management and the Fundamentals of Project Management.

Delivered Results

Reed consistently demonstrates ownership of the effort, always seeking to improve the final deliverables to meet and exceed stakeholder expectations.

Project Management

We practice what we preach, employing effective and efficient processes that are aligned to industry best-practices.


Our mission is your success – we do what it takes to get the job done, always anticipating the next step in keeping with the best interests of our stakeholders.


We understand our customer’s mission – we actively engage with our key stakeholders and work to ensure all goals and objectives of this mission are in line with their strategic objectives.

We Want To Hear From You

We Want To Hear From You

For over 10 years, Reed has helped solve some of the most important challenges our clients have faced.  The elements of our performance optimization methodologies and processes bring strategies that can be immediately applied to measurably improve the quality of your efforts.  We invite you to take the first step now, and contact us.

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