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You’ve come across a great opportunity, but you know your company alone can’t satisfy the customer’s needs. No matter their size, federal contractors team for different reasons. Large contractors mostly team since it allows them to be compliant with the small business subcontracting requirements, since 23% of federal contract dollars are set aside for small businesses. Small contractors team to better position themselves for federal opportunities by adding capabilities to their arsenals.

As a small business operating in the Federal Sector, Reed understands the many benefits of strategic partnerships.

A teaming arrangement increases the competitive edge by allowing companies to pool capabilities with those of others and focus the contracting officer’s attention on combined core capabilities.  Reed is interested in teaming with small, mid-size and large companies that possess complementary strengths. Teaming options may include:

  • GSA Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA)
  • Mentor Protégé
  • Joint Venture (JV)
  • Standard Team Agreement
Team With Reed
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Charleston, South Carolina

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Senior Business Development Consultant

Jim Hodges
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