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“What keeps you awake at night?”

Organizational leaders are increasingly asked to “Do more without more”.

Leaders are confronted with relentless demand for better cost, schedule and quality performance,
in the face of resource limitations and challenging constraints.

Maximizing work velocity, synchronization and throughput capacity toward
organizational performance excellence is more critical than ever.

Achieving superior project and process performance demands change.
Effective change demands accurate answers to three important questions:

What to change? (the current problem)
What to change to? (the direction for a solution)
How to cause the change? (the action plan)

Strategic and Operational Planning

Strategic and Operational Planning provides an organization purpose and direction. Organizations that don’t plan have exponentially higher rates of failure than those that plan and implement well. Skills in strategic planning are critical to the long-term success of your organization. Reed can help your organization accomplish:

  • Environmental scanning: Identifying and analyzing market influences outside the organization and how it might affect the organization
  • SWOT Analysis: Assessing the internal make-up of an organization, including its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (Risks)
  • Creating statements of mission, vision and values
  • Establishing organizational goals based on internal and external elements
  • Developing a plan to achieve those goals (strategies, objectives, responsibilities and timelines)

Reed can help you create a strategy to achieve your mission and vision. By identifying the cause-and-effect relationships between key performance indicators, your company can determine strategic objectives and their measures of performance.

Project Management Excellence

Ben Franklin once said that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. This is especially true in the highly complex world of project management. Risk of project failure is high when we neglect its three root causes; interdependence, variability and behavior. Reed can show you how to deploy the project planning and execution elements required for consistent project success and high project pipeline capacity.

Organizations can spend extensive resources attempting to correct project performance after something has gone wrong. If you have a troubled project, Reed’s Project Recovery “smokejumpers” can “parachute in” and help you design and deploy appropriate interventions to pull off cost, schedule and scope success. Our project recovery experts work with your organization to:

  • Determine if a project should be recovered
  • Deploy ways to identify future at-risk projects
  • Define what project success “looks like”
  • Deploy metrics for “a single version of the truth”
  • Promote a culture of proactive, preventative actions rather than constant firefighting
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Operational Excellence

An organization’s success relies on its ability to design and deploy the necessary changes that will maximize accomplishment of important goals (e.g. throughput, quality, financial, etc.). Having a strong operational performance excellence approach not only improves operational results, but also strengthens customer satisfaction and employee engagement. Reed employs the best of performance excellence techniques (e.g. TOC, Lean, Six Sigma, Measurement & Analysis, organizational behavior, etc.), tailored to suite your specific business, culture and unique challenges.

A customer-focused approach to performance excellence can provide:

  • Increased Process Velocity and Capacity
  • Improved Due Date Performance
  • Increased Budget Accuracy & Cost Performance
  • Robust Understanding of Specifications & Requirements
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Superior Resource Management
  • A “Win-Win” Culture of Success that All Feel Committed To

Methodology Deployment And Ongoing Support

To ensure successful design and deployment of necessary changes, Reed will collaborate with your team to create a detailed action plan aligned with your organizational goals. We offer workshops, mentoring, training and facilitation for your employees to learn how to successfully deploy the required changes. Our consultants help enhance your existing work methods for continued operational success.

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Reed Process Management Maturity Model (RPM3TM)

Reed offers a unique approach to organizational assessment and improvement planning. We link our experts with your organizational stakeholders through our Reed Process Management Maturity Model, or RPM3TM. This fast paced team approach ensures buy-in, team building and engagement of your stakeholders, senior leaders and subject matter experts in the design of solutions to your most challenging problems. The goal is to ensure that credible, defendable, reliable solutions is in place that will inevitably lead to performance excellence through:

  • Performing an Organizational Assessment
  • Conducting a Gap Analysis against Industry Best Practices
  • Developing a Tailored Improvement Plan through critical thinking tools

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