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Training Project Managers
Who Build The World's Most Complex Ships

Customized Solutions

Want your projects to be successfully completed on time, within budget, and without surprises? Let our experts show you how.

Would you like to improve your company’s system engineering best practices? Our consultants can fill in the gaps.

Want to know if your company is performing at its best? We can help determine the right tools for your organization’s success.

Need a strategy to help limit your uncertainties and optimize your opportunities? Let us help you make informed decisions.

Working with You

Reed will help define requirements based on your situation, needs, budget and future requirements and will define and manage system interfaces throughout design, development and integration project phases. Reed will design and implement complete solutions or customized training for your unique system/project needs. Our diverse project experience and attention to detail allow us to successfully implement solutions on time and within budget. We will develop a long-term strategy that will fit your organization’s needs and resources.


At Reed we have the expertise to create a complete solution for your organization. From front-end consulting and planning, including bid and proposal preparation, to consulting, mentoring, and customized training, we have the depth and experience to respond to your unique challenges and opportunities. Our experienced consultants specialize in a variety of backgrounds that are customizable to your organization.

How can we help you?

We take on both small, short-term, highly focused projects as well as providing longer-term interim talent that can become part of your team for several months or more if need be.  If you are tight on headcount, Reed can help expand your team with a high-quality contractor to come in and help you get critical work done quickly. Our contractors can also help fill the void left when employees are out on maternity leave, are on short-term disability or are on sabbaticals. Contact us for a free quote or to learn more about Reed’s services and solutions that are right for you.

Process Assessment & Innovation

Process Assessment & Innovation


Since Reed’s founding in 2002, we have experienced remarkable success. Our proudest achievement is our clients’ satisfaction. That’s why more than 80% of our revenue comes from repeat business. Our remarkable customer retention rate is the best evidence of our commitment to all we undertake and our best measure of success. As a national consulting firm, Reed is committed to the quality of its solutions and the quality of its relationships with clients, partners and staff.

Reed delivers Value For Your Money:

  • Expertise that is world-class
  • Past Performance that is only the best
  • Accountability for results
  • Price that is a fraction of what you pay the Big Guys

Reed is Big Yet Small:

  • Personal Touch with Sophistication
  • Flexibility and innovation to adapt to client needs

Reed upholds its unwavering commitment to understand customer needs. The quality of our commitment is best evidenced by our proven track record of repeat business.

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