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Our Employees Say It Best

In an anonymous web survey, we asked our staff three questions:

1. What was it that made you choose Reed over other companies that interested you or with which you interviewed?

“Family atmosphere. Niche expertise and quality clientele. Feel like I can make direct contributions to the company in various ways, not just another number in a cubicle. I feel like Reed understands that the best way to do business development is first and foremost to ensure the current client is taken care of. Quality of individuals that I work with, people being hired for their expertise and not their contacts.”

“The Corporate Culture – Strong emphasis on Employee satisfaction.”

“High level of expertise of Reed Inc Principals. Friendly work atmosphere maintained within the company. High level of SE instructional materials and the wide variety of work effort being supported by Reed.”

“I chose Reed Integration because I knew this company cares more about their employees rather than revenue. Although making a profit is priority for all companies, Reed realized that if their employees aren’t happy then our customers may suffer as well. By ensuring that employees are treated with appreciation and respect, employees are then motivated to exceed expectations and help make the company successful.”

“We have assembled a talented and dedicated group of people. I chose Reed Integration for the ability to learn from industry experts and dedicated mentors.”


2. What makes you want to stay at Reed?

“Friendly work atmosphere and the lack of workplace friction.”

“Low level of micromanaging of employee work performance. Employees are expected to know what needs to be done and then do it without additional management oversight.”

“Reed Integration has always gone ‘above and beyond’ to ensure that I was receiving comparable benefits and had the right tools to accomplish my tasks. Also, although I work ‘offsite’, Reed makes it a point to touch base with me to make sure that I am doing okay. This is important to me because I still feel ‘in touch’ with company without physically being in the office. I would stay with Reed because they care about my career growth. The company encourages professional training courses and certifications to help better build upon skill sets. The company has invested many resources into their employees to support each employee’s personal career development.”

“The ability to grow with the company and directly impact business operations on a daily basis is exciting and challenging.”

3. What would you tell a potential applicant about Reed?

“Reed is an up and coming company that is headed in the right direction who cares about its people. Reed is not like the other big companies who only care about revenue, people here do matter and do come first. Reed is selective in the work it goes after and makes sure the client is the right fight for the company and personnel who would support and not just looking to make more money, but provide high quality of service to its customers.”

“Reed is concerned about their employees and strives to provide employees the opportunity to advance.”

“Much will be expected of you but your efforts will be amply rewarded.”

“I would let a potential Reed applicant that working for this company has been a rewarding experience. I am given the opportunity to work for a company who truly has my best interest in mind. The company creates an environment where it is low stress, exciting, and sometimes fun! I hope to experience many more successful years with Reed Integration.”

“The best decision I made in my professional career was to sign up with this team. The passion, commitment, and sense of family is felt throughout every aspect of the company.”

Message From The Ceo

The dream behind the creation of Reed Integration, Inc. was to establish a work environment that is different from other companies. We work hard to ensure a happy, employee-focused operation with opportunities for professional and personal growth along the pathway of company expansion.

Rebecca Reed, ESEP
President and CEO

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